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Get Started

get started

The best way to start anything is with some general information. Please fill out the new client questionnaire and follow the prompts to schedule a discovery call where we will discuss your project more in depth based off of your answers on the questionnaire.

During the thirty minute call I will walk you through the service that seems best suited for you based off of your client questionnaire and introduce you to our design process. If we seem like a good fit, we can schedule a paid consultation in which I will meet you in your home to see your space, show you project examples with visuals of the process. The consultation fee is $300, which will be applied toward your design fee if you proceed. I will also do a swift measurement to calculate the square footage of the space in order to come up with the design fee should you decide to move forward.

‚ÄčTo learn more about the services I offer click here. If you are ready to get started, click the button below.